> Credit Transfer Approval

Students who have completed their study through an exchange program or a study abroad program at an overseas university must go through the process of having their credits from the overseas university transfer-approved in order for their credits to be recognized by Korea University. Following the school’s policy, up to 19(20) credits approved through the student’s overseas university credit transfer process can be accepted per semester.


Grades obtained from overseas universities will be indicated on students’ transcripts, but not included in the calculation of the overall GPA.

> Approval Procedure

Overseas university credit transfer approval procedure

1. After filling out and submitting a return statement(귀국신고서) to the Office of International Affairs - International Mobility & Cooperation Team, go to the homepage and write up an experience report.

2. Receive the official stamp seal on your transcript from the Office of International Affairs - International Mobility & Cooperation Team. Although you will be shown the arrival status of your transcript through the online board/via email, transcripts will only be distributed to students who have submitted the experience report. In the case where the student receives his/her transcript directly, the student must bring the envelope unopened and sealed to the Office of International Affairs - International Mobility & Cooperation Team for verification.

3. Students can directly enter their transfer credit approval history on the portal site (Portal > Academic Degree > Academic Transcript > Other Universities’ Credit Transfer Approval Application). Please refer to the FAQ.

4. After saving the entered information and printing it out the credit transfer approval application, students will receive verification through a meeting with their respective college’s dean. However, there may be difference procedures in place according to your major, thus, visit the department administrative office beforehand. (For the student from the business school, students must visit the International Office of the Business School before the meeting.)

5. Submit the application to each of your university’s department administrative offices.

> Things to Note Regarding the Transfer Credit Approval Process

1. The number of transfer credits that can be accepted per semester is 19(20) credits, and the number of credits taken in a year cannot exceed 38 credits.

2. If you want a certain subject to be approved for your minor/double major/dual degree, up to half of each major’s required credits can be accepted. (In order to be eligible for an early graduation, students must obtain at least 15(16) credits per semester from the overseas university.)

3. In general, all overseas credits shall be approved as Major Electives or General Electives. Course substitution will be, as a rule of thumb, applicable for only the Major Required courses. Courses may not be approved as Core Electives or Common Electives. Courses can be replaced to those of Korea University only if they have the same number of credits or more to the corresponding courses in this school. If students want to substitute their required courses, they may replace no more than 3 credits per subject.

(ex: In case the credit approval ratio is 1:1, if students would like to replace their major requirements with a 4 credit course, they can only replace a maximum of 3 credits for such courses at their home university)

4. Korea University’s transcript displays the university name, subject name, and grade rank as issued in the corresponding school’s transcript.

5. Credit transfer process is only completed once and cannot be added or changed after the transfer.

6. All courses, except for the courses that received a grade of F or a failed subject (non-pass/pass conceded), must be approved by the school to receive credit.

7. Transcripts must be directly sent from the other university to the Office of International Affairs. However, in the case where students must personally bring the transcript, the transcript must be delivered in a sealed state as an unsealed transcript will not be accepted.

8. While, by default, 16 class hours for one semester is calculated as 1 credit at Korea University regarding the credit transfer approval, credit transfer approval is determined by each university’s own standards.

9. Dual degrees, double majors, and other matters related to graduation must be confirmed with the department office that it is affiliated with in order to ensure that there are no issues for graduation.

10. If credits could not be transferred due to having exchanged for the first time to the specified university, the student must fill out the overseas university course credit transfer approval form (homepage> notification board알림마당 > template folder서직자료실) and receive the dean’s approval. The approved form and transcript must be submitted to the Office of International Affairs before applying for the credit-transfer.