ASU Global Tech Programs

Arizona State University invites your students to participate in the ASU Global Tech Programs that begin June 1. 

Focused on teaching in-demand tech skills to every kind of student, these notable summer programs are designed like internships to boost your students' resumes with real-world skills and real-world projects from global companies like Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify, and more. These six- (6) credit hour programs are a perfect complement to students from all academic backgrounds. 

And starting today, your students can reserve their seat for summer.

In a time when industries all over the world have been forced into a digital transformation, tech skills are more important than ever. The ASU Global Tech Programs offer three tracks, each focused on teaching in-demand tech skills to succeed in our evolving world:

- Global Data Analytics (
- Global Web Development (
- Global Digital Marketing (

When your students join us in the ASU Global Tech Programs they will:

Develop in-demand tech skills in data, digital marketing or web development
Work with industry experts to tackle challenges faced by today’s top companies
Earn ASU credit and industry-recognized certifications  
Prepare for a high-growth career with global impact